Beware of scams targeting those on the registry

WVRSOL is aware of reports of scams targeting those who are on the sex offender registry.  We find this situation deeply troubling, and we are committed to taking steps to help protect our members by bringing this matter to your attention.

The culprits behind these scams are very clever and have successfully duped registrants out of thousands of dollars. They know which emotional triggers are most likely to get the desired response, and they know how to disguise their phone number or correspondence, so it appears that the call or letter is coming from a local police department.

Remember, the police do not call or write people when a warrant is out for arrest. They show up and arrest them. Also, the police will never demand payment over the phone, via letter, or demand that the person meet them somewhere to make a payment in person. If you ever receive a call or letter claiming that there is a warrant out for your arrest or that you will be arrested unless you make a payment, do not share any personal information and hang up immediately; if it’s a letter, ignore it. If you have any doubts, you can contact your local state police detachment and ask if they called you.

UPDATE: 2-18-2023

New “There’s a warrant for your arrest” telephone scam twist. One of our constituents informed us of new twist scammers are using on this old gem today. The new angle being used is something called a “Security Reassessment Hearing,” which could result in the registrant’s removal from the WV Registry. Remember, the WV state police do not usually call or write people when a registry matter needs address. In the unusual case where they may/have, i.e., DNA appointment, etc., they will always identify themselves by rank and name, and the matter/activity resolution will always occur at your local state police detachment, NEVER EVER any other place. When in doubt, don’t proceed and call your local state police detachment for verification.