Who we are

West Virginians for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (WVRSOL) was established in 2020 as an unincorporated non-profit association and affiliate of the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL). Our primary focus is on increasing public safety by working to reform the oppressive and punitive sexual offense laws that do not serve to protect families and communities of West Virginia.

We strive to be a voice for those convicted of sexual offenses who are determined to lead productive lives and contribute to their communities. We recognize the harmful rectification that public sex offender registries have on individuals and their families and the importance of pushing for evidence-based legislation to benefit all West Virginians.

Years of in-depth research projects have shown that sexual offense registries are expensive, waste resources, and do nothing to protect the public.  They are often knee-jerk solutions to rare high-profile incidents and are designed to satisfy the public’s emotional demands while only providing a false sense of security.  That same research also shows that those convicted of sexual offenses are more likely to re-offend when isolated and cut off from support systems that all human beings require for growth and self-betterment.

WVRSOL is working to educate the public and our lawmakers about the real consequences and wastefulness of the sexual offense registry in West Virginia.  Our members and supporters include those on the sex offender registry, family members,  legal and mental health professionals, and concerned citizens. Together we are working to make the 2020s the decade known for criminal justice reform, rational sexual offense laws, and restorative justice for all West Virginians’ well-being.