Letter to your Legislators

Next to making an appointment to visit them in person, sending a well-written letter via postal mail to your Delegate or Senator is the most effective way to make a statement and have your voice heard. Bring your feelings about the unconstructiveness of current and proposed sexual offense laws to your state’s congressional representatives’ attention. Voicing your feelings and letting them know how registry laws have and will continue to negatively impact you and your family is imperative.

WVRSOL is pleased to provide you with a place to start. You’ll find below a letter template, which you may use as the outline for your letter to your legislator(s). Click the link to download, edit, and customize the template to your specific voice. Although we strongly encourage that you print your letter and mail it via USPS, you may also copy and paste it into an email or send it as an attachment.

Find your legislators by visiting the House of Delegate’s roster or the Senate’s roster, which are also located under the “Resources” tab on this website, then enter their information into the letter template, along with yours and your thoughts on applicable legislation.

Making your voice heard is a powerful step towards bringing change to sexual offense and registry laws. Your efforts to educate our lawmakers with empirically-based facts and first-hand examples of impact are critical efforts to success. Those within our reform community very much appreciate them.


Letter Template