NARSOL announces exciting new project


Lives on the Registry is a new project spearheaded by NARSOL; this time, we hear directly from the people whose lives are affected by the registry in short documentary-style films.

It is well documented that the registry has included people from all walks of life; most of these people have suffered in silence for one simple fact – very few people or organizations have been interested in letting them share their stories in their own words.

One of the goals of NARSOL is to humanize people on the registry — to portray them as ordinary people, not monsters.  If you have a human-interest story to tell, be it exciting or mundane, NARSOL provides two methods for you to do so without concern that you will be portrayed in an adverse light.

  1. Humans on the Registry, using the written word, and
  2. Lives on the Registry, using live documentary-style or animated video.

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