NARSOL, others, continue battle for those on sexual offense registry

By NARSOL (Sandy and Robin) . . . In Wisconsin, a new battle is being launched in what is getting to be an old war. Civil rights attorneys Adele Nicholas and Mark Weinberg, seasoned soldiers in this war fought on behalf of persons forced to live as someone on a sex offender registry, have launched this latest skirmish due to a “village’s moratorium on any more sex offenders living there.”

In Texas, NARSOL’s affiliate Texas Voices is unwavering in its battles against legislation that targets those on the registry for special restrictions, most often those that limit the very presence of a registrant within an area designated as a “child-safe area.” These onerous restrictions often make finding housing and employment virtually impossible and can even rip registrants from the support of family. Mary Sue Molnar, the group’s executive director, spends unlimited hours every legislative session ferreting out these bills, organizing the troops, and descending on the capitol in Austin armed with written and oral testimony heavy not only with poignant personal stories but also with researched facts about the issue.

Read to the full article here, which includes excerpts from the ongoing efforts in North Carolina, Arizona, Rhode Island, and Georgia.

Comment by WVRSOL (Philip) . . . at WVRSOL we are very much looking forward to the day in the near future when West Virginia is also being mention in these registry reform legal challenges and efforts.


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