WV 2021 legislative session ends

By Philip . . . The West Virginia 2021 legislative session ended on April 10th. I’m happy to announce that of the seven bills we were watching, only one will be added to the WV code (SB 361). Most importantly, the bill we provided written testimony against (HB-2380), which related to banning registered citizens from operating buses, limousines, amusement rides and taxicabs, including Uber/Lyft ride-sharing services, but which also prohibited registrants from providing or offering to provide any type of service in the residence of another person also died in committee without ever getting a reading or hearing.

You can review all of the relevant bills we were watching, see their final statuses, and link to the bill’s text from our bills we are watching page. We will continue to monitor the legislator and will be back again in the 2022 session when we expect for sure HB-2017 – rewriting the criminal code, which we supported since it did away with the indeterminate sentencing to be re-introduced, among others.



3 Thoughts to “WV 2021 legislative session ends”

  1. Jeffrey S Molnar

    May your hard work be successful. Thank you

  2. Donald Myers

    I hope something can be done i got a starory charge bsck in 1993 and was discharge from a job because of it and i was upfront with them i quit my job to go to this one dbschenker so i went to a temp service and got on with them training for a week and a day and was walked off both places ok my background and was still let go not right we all have to work

    1. Thanks for the comment, Donald. Here’s hoping for a better 2022 for us all.

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