NARSOL in Action: NARSOL Launches New Legal Action Project

Date of Event: September 30, 2021

Time: 7:00 to 9:00 Eastern

NARSOL will have a two-hour conference call on September 30, beginning at 7:00 eastern time. We will be discussing NARSOL’s new relationship with Paul Dubbeling. Mr. Dubbeling is an attorney based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina who is now on retainer with NARSOL. He will be leading our reinvigorated Scarlet Legal Action Project (SLAP).

Hour 1:  We will be doing an introduction and overview of the Scarlet Legal Action Project and our priorities. Mr. Dubbeling will be joined by NARSOL’s Executive Director Brenda Jones.

Hour 2:  The first segment of this hour will be an overview of the upcoming NARSOL national conference. The remainder of the hour will be Mr. Dubbeling taking questions related to SLAP from the audience.

Sign Up

Although it is not mandatory, we ask that you sign up here so that we have an idea of how many will be attending the call. The phone number is 605 313-5169, followed by 957605#. You may call in directly with a telephone or, if you have a speaker and microphone or a headset with a mic, you may access the call through your computer by going to and following the on-screen directions for inputting the number and the code.

Live Stream Option

We also are going to live stream the call on YouTube. There won’t be any video, just an audio stream, so you can try this if you’d rather not call in. You can use your Roku or Chromecast and have the call played over your TV.

Prize Contest

We plan to award at least one prize during the call. If you would like to enter the drawing, please text Contest to 747 227-4477. We will confirm that you have been entered, and you will receive a contestant number from us. The prize is one free registration to NARSOL’s 2021 Conference, which will be held in Houston. If you have already paid, you may use the prize for 2022 or you may transfer it to another person.


Keep in mind, responses provided on the program are merely intended to offer guidance and should not be construed as legal advice. We cannot cover the specifics of any individual’s situation sufficiently to know what the most prudent course of action is, so NARSOL advises all participants to consult with an attorney in their jurisdiction to determine the most prudent course of action.


One Thought to “NARSOL in Action: NARSOL Launches New Legal Action Project”

  1. Steve Spence

    I have been lucky enough to be on the registry since 2004. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving. I have many complaints about the registry in WV but here is my #1. I was convicted (and guilty) of ONE count of possessing child porn. I didn’t share it or take the images (I actually had about 5 illegal images). Because of the way the law is written, I’m not on the registry for one count of possession, I am listed as having made the image and distributing it. Making child porn is a long way from looking at it and doing nothing beyond that. Since I have to be on that thing the rest of my life, they should be held responsible for being accurate as to what I was convicted (plead to) and not make me out to be some monster that violates children.

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