Category: General NARSOL Monthly Board Meeting

NARSOL Monthly Board Meeting

December 12, 2023

Agenda and Zoom details are provided via the NARSOL Affiliates distro.

Meeting Format
We operate under Robert's Rules, abbreviated. The order of a meeting will be:

  • call to order
  • acceptance of minutes
  • old business
  • new business
  • committee reports
  • adjournment

Guest Attendance

Guests are welcome to attend our board meetings. To prevent distraction from the meeting agenda, guests should mute themselves and turn off cameras as soon as the meeting is called to order, remain muted and keep cameras off during the meeting, and refrain from "hand-raising" and chat.  If rules are not followed, the mute and camera functions will be deactivated by the meeting host, and, if needed, the guest will be expelled from the meeting.  If a visitor has been invited as part of the agenda, the chair may request that they unmute and turn on camera to engage with the board.

After official adjournment, guests may unmute and turn on cameras and may speak briefly to any board members able to stay on the call. Substantive issue discussion should be requested of the Chair in advance of the meeting.

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